Year 9


Welcome to Year 9 Drama

This year you will be looking at a variety of topics including:
Term 1: 
DEVISED: Physical Theatre (extended project linking to GCSE Drama Component 1 and Black History Month)

Term 2: 
SCRIPTED: “The Woman in Black” (extended project linking to GCSE Drama Component 2. Student also have the opportunity to be assessed as a Designer)

Term 3: 
SCRIPTED: Babyfather, exploring Stanislavskian naturalistic strategies
DEVISED: Sweeney Todd, exploring Brechtian non-naturalistic strategies 

The Woman in Black exemplar video:


Term 3: DEVISED: Sweeney Todd

DEVISED: Media Mayhem 

“It was very enjoying and helpful as I understood everything. I understand the strategies and a lot of dramatic forms which I wasn't quite sure of before. The tasks were challenging but fun at the same time. The lesson ideas were very good and the homework wasn't too little or too much as the time we had was depending on how much we got which I thought was very good and helpful” – Neha Mukhtar 

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