Maths GCSE

GCSE Mathematics

Pupils in Years 10 and 11 are assigned to sets according to their performance and progress. Pupils have seven Mathematics lessons of one-hour each per fortnight with the expectation that pupils regularly consolidate and extend their learning away from the classroom via a range of home learning tasks.

Pupils are studying towards the Edexcel 1Ma1 GCSE in Mathematics which is assessed at the end of Year 11 by three one and a half hour examinations. The new GCSE very much requires pupils to be problem solvers, they are needed to be able to tackle unfamiliar problems in a wide range of contexts, often having to make a choice about which of the wide range of mathematical skills they have learnt that they need to apply. For this reason, it is essential that pupils make a determined effort to understand the mathematics that they are learning as examiners are determined to set questions to catch out pupils who have attempted to just remember a method rather fully understand a topic.

The pupils who succeed at GCSE Mathematics:

  • Invest extra time in understanding mathematics rather than just doing mathematics.
  • Reflect and act upon any feedback they are given and try to make sure that they never make the same mistake twice.
  • Relish the challenge of the unfamiliar and don't want to be told how to do something and much prefer to work things out for themselves.
  • Enjoy being stuck and keep on thinking about a problem until they work out how to do it.
  • Take pride in communicating their mathematics in a logically structured argument.

Curriculum Overview

Please click here for the curriculum overview for Mathematics.


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