Biology A-Level

Curriculum Overview

Studying A level Biology provides an in-depth look at the study of living organisms, from a molecular level when studying respiration through to how organisms interact with each other on a large scale within ecosystems.  

The Biology department are passionate about their subject, often using their own experience of Biology beyond the classroom to help students fully understand how Biology fits in with the world around us.  

Over the two years students will study a full range of topics that cover both human and plant Biology. Practical skills are developed throughout the course which not only are designed to build confidence when answering practical exam questions but also to equip students with skills that may be needed beyond A levels.

We study OCR Biology A which is delivered over 5 hours of teaching per week. Students are expected to study for at least another 5 hours per week in addition to the weekly teaching schedule. Due to the demands of the course they are actively encouraged to seek support from staff when difficulties arise.

Independent research tasks will be set throughout the year to encourage students to read beyond the specification and develop more knowledge in an area of biology that interests them.

There are many career paths following A level biology including medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, physiotherapy, marine biology, research, engineering, environmental sciences and conservation.

Year 1

Foundations in Biology

Exchange and Transport

Biodiversity, Evolution and Disease

Year 2

Communication, Homeostasis and Energy

Genetics, Evolution and Ecosystems


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